Participation in CIRSE congress 2019

At the last European Congress of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (CIRSE) held in Barcelona on 7-11 September, I was invited by the organization to give WORKSHOPS  with simulators on PROSTATIC EMBOLIZATION and acute arterial bleeding, as well as to talk about the most frequent complications after prostate embolization. Once again, the congress served to bring
From 15 to 17 May the XVI Congress of Vascular and Interventional Radiology was held in Seville, where we could appreciate the growth and good health of our specialty, with papers of great scientific quality. In this congress I had the opportunity to present a workshop on the Clarivein method for the treatment of venous
In May, invited by the American congress GEST specialized in the field of embolization in Interventional Radiology, I had the opportunity to give a talk about “collaboration with urologists in the embolization of prostatic arteries”. What could be concluded at that congress is that prostate embolization is a safe and effective technique in patients with

Teaching prostatic embolization in Europe

In recent months I  had the opportunity, thanks to Terumo, to go to cities like Krakow and London to teach the technique of prostatic embolization. In the case of Poland, we performed the first two cases of Prostatic Arterial Embolization (PAE) in that country. In these countries I have been able to observe the great

Eurostream PAE Congress Web

Last December 8th I had the opportunity to talk about our experience in the Advanced Prostatic Embolization Conference held in Barcelona. Several of the best Vascular and Interventional Radiologists and Interventionists specialized in Prostatic arterial Embolization (PAE) participated. Organized by doctors Ari Isaacson and Sandeep Bagla, both from the University of Virginia (USA), the day

CIRSE 2018

EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF CARDIOVASCULAR AND INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY At the last European Congress of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, we were invited to explain our experience and results in PROSTATIC EMBOLIZATION, together with the best specialists in the world in this field: Dr. Bilhim, Dr. Carnevale, Dr. Pisco, Dr. Nigel Hackin, Dr. Sapoval, Dr. Golzariam…
Prostatic artery embolization improves BPH symptoms nearly as much as TURP does, with less complications A randomised, open label trial that was published in the BMJ on 19 June 2018 suggests that the improvement in lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) seen 12 weeks after prostatic artery embolization (PAE) “is close
La embolización prostática en las guías NICE.
Recently the prestigious English NICE guidelines, on which healthcare professionals base their therapeutic decisions, have published the indication of prostatic embolization in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Based on the studies published to date, they consider prostate embolization a safe and effective technique. They recommend that the patient be selected by a Urologist or
Prostatic embolization is becoming increasingly important in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia due to the good results being achieved compared to urological surgical techniques. Since 2015 we have been carrying out, together with the Urology Service and the Navarrabiomed medical research centre, a pioneering clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of prostatic


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